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When considering LED Light Bulbs Made In USA, one of the odder laws of economics is highlighted. This is that it may be possible to make two things more efficiently in one place than another, and still have a better deal when that other place makes one of those two things. All things else being equal, it is better to produce your goods near your market. However, all things are not equal. In the real world, the issue is whether the increased cost of regulation and pay in the US is less than the cost to build the factories in places where production costs are cheaper and the costs to transport the products to the market.

This implies we can expect to see less LED Light Bulbs Made In USA and more LED Light Bulb manufacturers located in the less developed parts of the world, near ports to support low cost transport to markets. The countervailing trend is the fear that these less stable parts of the world might end up with someone in power who will nationalise the industry. There are also fears of trading laws and regulations that might eliminate the profits in low cost manufacture. This implies companies will attempt to spread their sources around, to minimize risks of a crazed dictator somewhere and the economic instability of developing countries.

To give specific examples of LED Light Bulbs Made In USA, several companies can be listed. Lumination is a GE company producing LED signs, LED traffic lights, display lights for use in refrigerated food displays at supermarkets and high power white LED Light Bulbs. Phillips Lumileds produces several LED Light Bulbs intended for uses such as battery-powered flashes for cameras, cars, displays and flashlights (torches). Luxdrive, an LEDdynamics company, producing a wide variety of LED Light Bulbs. One of these is an impressive model equivalent to a 120watt incandescent bulb, making it a monster sized LED Light Bulb. It appears Luxdrive does more subcontracting than direct marketing of finished goods. Cree Research and Lamina Ceramics are also in the market. In addition to the companies based in the US, a large variety of companies around the world attempt to penetrate the lucrative US market. This is slightly more difficult with electronics, due to the differences in standard electrical values in the US as opposed to Europe, but is generally worth the effort. Meanwhile, as US companies develop improved lighting systems, the ambitious EU targets for carbon reduction will encourage fast market penetration by more efficient systems. This provides an opportunity to US companies to quickly recoup technology investment by fast sales.

The vast majority of LED Light Bulbs Made In USA and sold in the US are intended for use as displays, data readouts, idiot lights and other such applications. LED Light Bulbs to provide lighting are a growing percentage of this market, but are still only a minority and will probably remain so, due to the large market for information displays. As the technology further develops this market share may shift considerably, being driven by the European manufacturers.

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