LED Light Bulbs

LED Lamps Light Bulbs

There are increasing quantities of LED lamps light bulbs on the market. Some are general purpose light fixtures, while others are more specialized.

These specialized systems include traffic lights, exit signs and flashlights. However, there is also an increasing market for incandescent replacement lights. A quick search shows an amazing diversity of types, from small lights intended for use in flashlights or on dashboards to clusters intended for use as outdoors floodlights, not a job normally seen as well matched to LED strengths. Indeed, the biggest challenge in reporting on existing LED lamps light bulbs is the lack of standards. There is a bewildering variety out there, from specialized lights that will only ever be used as idiot lights on electronics to indicate a condition or fault to lights intended to screw into any standard fixture. When searching for something like “LED lamp” the results are numerous and many links found have many pages of results. Since most LEDs sold are intended for standard electronic and data readout use, those are the most numerous. However, there is also a large supply of incandescent replacement LED light bulbs to winnow through.

As a randomly chosen example, the LEDtronics GDL001 is a 1.3 watt garden bulb, intended to replace 7 watt, T5 wedge base incandescent in garden lights. It should last almost 6 years, uses less than a fifth of the power, provides more directional light to reduce light pollution and costs around $12.

The LEDlight Lypar-30 CW is an 8 watt bulb providing roughly the capabilities of a 60 watt incandescent light. It costs $50, is less than four inches wide and should replace 40-60 such incandescent bulbs over its lifespan.

Ccrane produces under an under-cabinet lighting set, intended for use in kitchens or workshops to provide improved lighting of small work areas. These cost around $100, depending on the exact configuration, and provide 1-200 lumens for 1-8 watts of power.

Mule lighting produces signs and emergency lighting, as well as various LED lamps light bulbs. There are even LED lamps light bulbs intended to replace the flame tipped chandelier lights that seduced whoever wired my last house.

Most LED lamps light bulbs intended for use as area lighting are currently designed for more specialized uses. Outdoors lights, work lights, safety lights, porch lights and others. Increasingly they can also be found to simply replace multipurpose incandescent bulbs, and as the technology continues to improve, this will become increasingly common.

An area where LED lighting is already very competitive is creating a small spot of light. In uses such as reading laps or work lights for cabinets the LED Light Bulb is already a powerful competitor. The low energy usage, the resistance to damage caused by switching on and off, and the focused light are all advantages. In an effort to compensate for the high costs, manufacturers are trying to highlight advantages such as the very small head and typically giving the reading lights a very high degree of articulation.

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