LED Light Bulbs

LED Exit Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs have some standard advantages. These include low energy use and low heat output. They also tend to come in a small amount of standard colors. LED Exit Light Bulbs and other such signs tend to stay on much of the day and are normally essentially a lit stencil. This is a marriage made in heaven. An LED Exit Light Bulbs, on constantly, can cost a fifth as much as a comparable incandescent version, and can last five times longer or more than a fluorescent version, while also being considerably more robust than either. In a commercial or industrial setting, a sign that doesn’t shatter when bumped or dropped is an advantage to be treasured.

LED Exit Light Bulbs are very attractive to sign manufacturers since they are cheap to operate and come in colors that are appropriate to signs without needing more complex arrangements to mix LEDs to produce white light. Since these are almost always left on, the high energy efficiency and low heat output for LEDs are potent advantages.

LED Exit Light Bulbs signs come in one sided, two sided and edge lit variations. There are even specialty LED signs for use in supermarket refrigerated food sections. When stenciled signs are insufficient, there are small LED signs using lights to make text “march” across the screen, much like the signs traditionally providing time and temperature information at banks and other places of business. These signs come from small and a few dollars to very large and costing many thousands, covering the whole range of commercial applications. These are all aided by the ability to make very flat structures with LED lighting. The flat LED Exit Light Bulbs signs are less obtrusive and less likely to be damaged accidentally.

An increasing percentage of such signs, especially LED Exit Light Bulbs signs, are now sold with LED lighting. The lights can be used to make very thin signs that produce little heat and require little electricity. Especially when the sizes of the signs are small, the prices can be very reasonable. Future developments are expected to create flexible lights that can be treated like lit cloth. Doubtless this will be immediately exploited to provide novel marketing opportunities.

LED Exit Light Bulbs and other lit signs are ubiquitous and almost never actually reach our consciousness. We simply take them for granted and presume they will be there when we need them. They shouldn’t be so flashy that the customers notice them before completing their time in the store, and yet should be visible so those who need them can find a way out. LED Exit Light Bulbs allow these under appreciated items to do their jobs for less money, and the same effectiveness. This is one more sign of the way things get better as we learn more.

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