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LED Auto Light Bulbs

LED Auto Light Bulbs are partially the result of the increasing concern with improving gas mileage for cars. One of those is increased attention to the electronics. Since those draw power from the car, they indirectly require additional gas to be burned. This means improvements in the efficiency of car lights is becoming more desirable. LED Auto Light Bulbs are not only very energy efficient, but are also quite rugged compared to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

LED Auto Light Bulbs can manage most environmental conditions as well or better than conventional incandescent bulbs, though they do have trouble with extreme heat. However, this is not a major problem as the amount of heat required to damage the LED is not easy to achieve with normal heat sinks and weather patterns. The motion of the automobile when the lights are on provides a constant stream of air moving over the car, and is an excellent way to dump excess heat. LED Auto Light Bulbs are more durable than incandescent bulbs, although this is seldom an issue with car lights being used for standard road use.

A disadvantage of the LED Auto Light Bulbs is the high cost of the LED light bulb itself. While they last many times longer than conventional lights, they are much more expensive. Compared to the forty or so incandescent bulbs they’ll replace over a lifetime, this is easily endured, but few actually own a car long enough for the lights to burn out, so the cumulative effect of more expensive parts to increase fuel efficiency must be considered against the expected cost savings over the life of the vehicle. Not strictly related to the cost of the LED Auto Light Bulbs, this trend towards increasing the quantity of electronics in automobiles will have an effect on depreciation. Electronics depreciate in value at a much faster rate than cars traditionally depreciate, a trend worthy of note for purchases of automobiles over the next decade or two. Another possible concern is the lack of standards. LED Auto Light Bulbs have not been fully standardized like older lights, and so there is concern that a given LED light bulb might not be on the market when a replacement is needed or that automobile manufactures will charge premium rates for replacements.

A growth in automobile manufacturers usage of LED Auto Light Bulbs may see a significant rise over the next few years. Given the increasing market for gasoline in India and China, it is more likely that gasoline prices will rise than stay steady for perhaps the next decade, no matter what else might be done. Thus it is certainly reasonable to believe automobile manufacturers will come under increasing pressure to increase mileage, even at the cost of increased sticker prices. As manufacturing priorities are changing due to public and government pressure, it will be difficult to estimate the expected reduction in fuel use by replacing all lights on a car with LED equivalents. However, we do already expect a certain amount of LED Auto Light Bulbs in cars. Most digital readouts with the same sort of readout as a digital watch are in fact LED Light Bulbs. It is already normal to find old dials replaced with digital displays, and with such use of LED Auto Light Bulbs, it isn’t a big stretch to use more to provide light as well as information.

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